Syntropic Writing Exercise

The following post is part of my contribution to the Humanity Healing story-writing exercise as part of Awakening Sovereignty.

You can take the workshop here:

I want this workshop to not just be another point of interest for you to explore out of some form of curiosity or maybe even “I should probably”..

I want this space and this time that we are sharing together become the beginning of you waking up your sovereignty…

I want you to really start feeling it in your bones that something has been amiss, something that you have left out of your equation of being an incarnated spirited essence of soul force here embodied on earth in human form..

I want you to awaken your self to the knowing that you and only you have the power to rise up in your sovereignty.

That only you can reclaim it from the depths of void where words like freedom have gotten lost in translation to their meaning, their function and their purpose in your life, right here, right now.

I want you to start a revolution in yourself!

An unashamed no longer apologetic reactivation of who you came here to be, who you know you could be but have played small and in-fitting around instead..

We all know that none of us came here for any of the rubbish talk and rubbish ways that men show up, or the submissive ways women turn out when faced with too much human damage in society…

None of us came here to play small and yet here we all are…more curious then most and yet still so far removed from being our free unabated full wholeness of our full selves..

You see, your sovereignty, your true dignity, and divinity doesn’t come and fall out of the sky today.

No magic loophole in a workshop shows you a magical route to reclaim the throne you never got properly seated upon !

No no one is going to hand you any keys OR wisdom that you don’t already hold yourself!

The question however is:

do you want to change?

do you want your sense of self sovereignty restored?

do you want your relationship with your Soul with your self and with deep raw primal and sacred Love to become a living embodied experience that is so palpable that you can smell, taste and feel all over your radiant face?!

I am talking about awakening your inner wisdom, your inner fire, your inner flame so damn hard that not even the yummiest of programs of society can drag you back down, not even the sleaziest of product sales can steer you away from following yourself home to wholeness all the way…

You came here with a purpose and it is for me to share with you what that purpose may be..

You awakening your sovereignty doesn’t happen because you like the idea ..

You awakening any part of your self sovereign wholeness can’t come about not even if you wanted it with all of your body mind and soul!

You wanting anything won’t make any difference in your path home to your own god given sovereignty and the reason why is this:

Until you start willing your sovereignty and your soul to integrate again nothing is going to change…

You are going to dip your toes in some lovely sacred feminine workshop here or a 5 d ascension class there..

Perhaps just that love based nature meditation or continuing just mindfulness practices to keep you feeling able to put up with the inauthentic reality all around you…

We all know that none of those forms are going to drastically shift your gears, up-level your Playing field or take you into the narrow path that your soul is actually burning and hungry for you to embark onto for it knows this path to be right, it feels possible

and it most of all feels like it is about fucking time that someone called you into waking yourself up from depth of your slumber and existing passiveness in this world that you were born to be a giant in,

a world in which you were to play the lead role.

This world that was yours to transform, transmute and radically translate into that world we came here to bring about.

I am here to tell you there is a path for that.

There is indeed a way and there are indeed teachings that you need to know about to liberate yourself from the shackles and stains that clouding your mind.

That path I am speaking of is you integrating your soul down again into the seat of your birth seal,

that path is about awakening from the tremendous slumber and unlocking yourself from your own spiritual new cage mentalities.

This is a path of your Will.

A path of being really real with who you came here to be and being Willing to stop making excuses and start addressing the real issues of your non self sovereign state of feeling.

This path is You! And it has mostly been you that has been sitting in the way of all of You when it comes to reigniting, reawakening and reactivating your inner self Sovereignty.

I hope and pray that today’s workshop can function as a catalyst for your soul to be willed back in, for your will to become your vessel for your navigation again, and for your cells to start releasing all the programs of fear, lack, scarcity and that need to control life in order to keep you safe.

On this journey I know I can be a guide, a wayshower, a spiritual and mental confidant that can show you where to look and how to undo your own trauma-based narratives that still blame others for how you are ending up and how you have ended up being you.

Everything and literally everything of you and me is but a myth, but a series of stories we have learned to believe in so to fit in, make no fuss and keep a low profile..

Awakening your sovereignty is about you awakening your lion’s heart again and becoming fearless in the face of losing an old life that lacked bravery, courage or perseverance and to truly break free from the prison of societies’ programmed entropy.

I promise you this.

If you can shift yourself out of wanting and into willing you are going to stand a chance to truly let love rule and that means for you to truly find again the inner freedom and the outer freedom you have hungered for all this time.

Now, this doesn’t come about just because you feel open to it, or you feel you are willing to experiment or explore this content.. although inspiring, informative and potentially adding new distinctions to your already expanded repertoire.

The level of change that is possible for you to happen only comes about when you Will to have that level of change happen for your self.

And I will say that again..

Only by your proclamation of your Will in any event or circumstance can you change those outcomes by navigating from and with and through your self ensouled Will.

And this is what I pray for you.

And I aim to speak to deep within your being, well beyond your mind and your many intellectual and spiritual parts of self..

I am addressing Will himself, Sophia herself with you, to activate your cells to FEEL the truth beyond the words and to hear the gnosis beyond the teachings and revelations.

I pray that today may become humbly and quietly the first day in your life where your will becomes repaired and you start navigating deeper into this work, further into the healing required and bolder and braver into the love you need to bring yourself back into the full wholeness of you.

Because when you do choose to be willing for change of this magnitude to grace you with its many blessings,

when you do choose to navigate into this workshop from a place of surrender and wilful availability I know from my own experience that beyond the words, slides and insights an awakening begins that is never going to leave your side until the work has been completed…

May today become your first step back into you, back into grounded soul, back into sovereignty of self and back into freedom like you never knew it before.

Your kingdom awaits you to be throned and seated in the centre of our being, safe, whole, free and full of the splendor of lovingkindness bursting through your cells.

Yes this is the Way of the Will,

yes this is the way of the Womb & Will

Yes this is the way of Sophia, the God Goddess Godmother of all creation who knows what is the Order from which you all came .

This workshop is just a work shop for your soul, if you are willing to let the awakening begin, your Sovereignty can start reclaiming you.

The doors to this last mystery are opening only for those willing.

You are welcomed to will yourself all that was prayed before you.

And so it begins

Aho and onwards

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Free, self sovereign human Life expressing and sharing natural comprehensions around human Nature and how Life Functions in all its aspects, expressions and forms by simply questioning the function.

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