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Nature Based Radical Human Ecology

I have explored community based living deeper than most would know or have explored for themselves. Most of my experience based remembering has come through my active navigation in Vanuatu, Espiritu Santo with my beloved Nivan family whom have been (through their cultural way of being) taught me the missing pieces on the depth and scope of the Western-cults’ disconnection from being in touch with Life, Love and self sovereignty. Through my communion with Spirit and the Land and its’ deep ecology I grew to comprehend what it takes to embody the life ways of peace and syntropy as a community of people. Its’ still challenging to put it all into wordsounds as so much has been the unlocking of the intrinsic and innate wisdoms that reside in all of our cells. I will leave this here for you so you connect with what I embarked on as I brought into manifestation the first expression of the Wananga of Love. Eternal gratitude to my star brother Stephen, papa bear, for the immense opportunity to go this deep and this raw into the essence of our western cult programmed kaleidoscope of distortions and all that stands in the way from us restoring cultural harmony within ourselves for our children.

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2 thoughts on “Souvereign Sharing

  1. Oh, Souvereign, this is so beautiful!!.. It made me feel quite homesick (I grew up in rural Indiana, nothing remotely close to how I live here in Portland.– not complaining, just stating facts). It also brought tears of wonder and joy that you and your communities have made this happen. As a child of the ’60’s and ’70’s you can well imagine there were times when I dreamed of living like this. I am getting kind of old now but still hope that I can end my life in a place that nourishes Mother Earth and all of her creatures. I am glad you are now in my life.

    Diana in Portland

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    1. Oh Diana, this could have been me writing this! I could not be more in vibrational alignment with what you have spoken here – and what joy it generates to be remembering our true selves and being drawn together through Souvereign’s dreaming – yay!


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