“Syntropic Embodiment” Journeys

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Remember Innate Wisdom
& the Language of Your Cells

Be fully seen in your wholness.
Healing the ‘untransformable’ in Ease, Love & Grace

This work is for YOU if you want to:

Discover the full Syntropy of your Humanity & your own innate knowing.
Remember your own true Nature & Sophia’s Wisdom stored in your bones.
Navigate your own Internal Landscape & find yourself again.
Transform any blockages you may be experiencing in your Life

🌿Syntropic Embodiment is about aligning one Self with Nature’s Innate Wisdom so that:

🕊️ Radically heroic (beautiful) things in the field of Self-Healing and

👉 the expansion to live a more fulfilled and Nature-Connected life

becomes a daily experience.🧘‍♀️

Without adventure (Journey) there is
no growth, expansion or change.

If you want to expand, grow, heal and or learn
then stepping into any Wisdom Journey is key.🕊️

🕊️Each Syntropic Embodiment Journey provides an experience for a deeper “Homecoming” and a richer sense of place and purpose in this world.🌏

Journey Risks & Journey Guarantees:

👉You get to access and develop underused navigation skills

🕊️ Learn to read the language of nature.

🕊️Discover the language of your inner-feelings

👉Relate with aspects of your Greater Self

🧬Connection to your own Divine & innate Wisdom

Be fully seen and held in your wholeness.

Bring healing and transformation to:

– Community Connection
– Nature Connection
– Soul Connection
in Syntropy

Let me help you create more freedom!
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I hope to see you on the other side,


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