Re-membering Sovereignty, better known as: Freedom

Freedom is a sound mind

So.. Life is what I want to further my relationship in and with and through as it connects me to so much more of myself that seeks freedom, truth and love..

Freedom is a sound mind, a pure mind, a mind that is free and liberated from any demonic mind parasites, any emotional addictions, any physical addictions (which are emotional addictions), a mind free of trauma, free of judging others, blaming others, complaining about others. A mind Free of worry, free of petty, free of comparing this to that. A mind that is in acceptance of the world around it, certainly not afraid of it and actively and fearlessly willing to engage in each moment with that world in service it.

A mind that is in its freedom naturally filled with thoughts, dreams and fantasies that only serve Love, only serve truth, only serve the greater good in its highest potential in each moment.  In service to caring, sharing and through being, offer others the peace, grace and clarity that a Life in Freedom brings about in people.

Insights would be shared into the intricate simplicity of such Life in Freedom as the more people that come to experience the freedom that Life can be lived in, the more more peace, love and harmony would then become activated in this our world.

I will thus share from my personal journaling journey for those that wish to explore Freedom within, Self Sovereignty through embracing the need for self love and a willingness to surrender to Sophia (Innate Feminine Wisdom of Life)

Read these pages not as you to me but imagine you being this person that wrote all of this. In L’akesh remember? My human story of the search for freedom, self sovereignty and peacetness is your story as it is our story being born into this world of Man that has always felt to have fallen from true love, connection and full freedom.

Roots to Freedom part 1

For all of my life my cells have had an obsession with Freedom. An unnatural drive to be free, away from whatever hasn’t felt free. 

I am now realising that after all these years of searching and exploring I am experiencing feelings of what Freedom truly is and with that I am realising what Freedom isn’t. What it all hasn’t been. What it has never been. I can sense how lost at the world i have been searching for freedom, it’s meaning, it’s place, it’s function…

In awe and wonder i am now sensing all that freedom is in its Majesty and supreme Sovereignty, pure purity, a lightness full of simplicity. An effortless beingness.. i feel in awe and wonder of its potential, its reach, its presence, its absolute reign. And all I have to do is surrender to it…

A roaring fear is welling up in me – straight panic – utter chaos, breaking of self, of identity, mirror pieces shatter on the floor of my internal world of relating to Life. The mirror was fake, the reflections only ever my own creations. The once mirrored wall dissolves. A vast blackness expanding as a stream of blissfull tranquility fills my cells.. “can you breathe me?”



To think. 

As thoughts of trying to make sense out of this experience well up,  broken mirror pieces reassemble themselves quicker than they fell apart.

I touch the mirrored wall again. Looking at all my own reflections and all my own projections. 

My own life time mirrored in a time line of multi dimensions. An interlinked web of traumas and violations smoothens out as

I sense all these unresolveds that got resolved and the clarity that arose from freeing those stuck emotions become me again… here.. now.. nownow…

I wake up….

I feel curious as to what i have seen, what i have been shown in that moment of reality dissolving and freedom emerging peacefully from within all the busyness i thought was Life.

As i write this i feel that nothing that i thought i knew about freedom is even remotely true. I sense mystery… i am Willing to question the deeper function of my magnetic attraction to Freedom and come into awareness of what freedom, is, actually, really about.

I question the function of this dream…

It seems that instead of me reclaiming freedom, 

Freedom is somehow begetting me.

Freedom is reclaiming me as i am letting it?

In my growing obsession of reclaiming Freedom 

Freedom has instead slowly started consuming “me”.

If Freedom is what “I” seek has Freedom actually been seeking me because it is my Nature?!

Join me as i delve into what “I” still “believe” is “me” reclaiming “my Freedom” …

“ all it requires is surrender…. simply, letting go…… and to speak in your language; ………yo….“


I am realising “I” can’t “have” Freedom! 

As i scroll over someone else’s post on facebook reading about his own inner quest in his Life on earth, i browse over and I remain stuck on this one sentence: 

……”I have my own freedom.”

It all falls into place….

I realise that 


can’t “have” 

“my” freedom. 

That is an oxymoron, it is part of this endless senselessness that the english language inherently is filled with. 

The international Babylonian “world” language of commerce and trade,

To articulate rights and ownership based on contracts that were made. 

As i spoke what i felt was real and of heart i contracted others by speaking on their behalf. 

You will likely. 



Us…. uuggh contracts.. i can only be me.

i can only speak on behalf of my feelings and what i sense and see.

I feel it now. Freedom can only have “me”.

So who then is me? What is my Nature and does it naturally want to feel free? 

……Freedom is feeling to be the opposite from everything that i have been taught, 

everything that i have sought, 

in my quest for the Freedom that i so desperately have been wanting to reclaim,

I sense now that Freedom simply “is”

and it actually has no, real, name.

It is like Souvereign, just a unique sound. 

That once felt and tasted from within the cells

simply needed to be found

rediscovered, remembered,

the true nature simply to be felt.

The self sovereign Will that is me inherently, innately is already free, I realise that I can’t own “my own freedom” but that it can only becometh of “me”.

I cant reclaim Free-dom. 

It is not a domain that i can make “ my own” 

It isn’t even something i can go and find or something i can be shown.

Oh, wow i realise “I” can’t access “my” Freedom or become more of it. 

I realise that Freedom can only become more of me. And if that is true, then who am “i”?

beyond the birth name with which i have all these years identified?

Freedom can only reclaim more of “me”. So Freedom “is”. 

It is the silence, the stillness, the serenity, which is free from urges, needs, labels or ideas. 

Freedom doesn’t need a sound it is itself, complete in and of itself, self Sovereign.


Souvereign Freedom

Roots to Freedom part 2

Exploring Syntropy within the human ecosystem. 

I have questioned my human nature, my original state, my internal felt based foundation of my  human experience and what at the core of me being a human my natural innate self knowing is of who I and what I am; a Spirit that is free living within a body over which no one has authority to trespass or give “orders” as all navigation of this being that I am is naturally governed my by own free Will. 

Remembering the energetic template and the subsequent strategy of Life (the syntropic Nature of Life) within me allowed me to sense how this expresses itself from within. I carry or am wired with an innate feeling based knowing that I am self sovereign and with that free as I naturally have my freedom of choice in whatever decision I make for my own navigation. So what IS “freedom” and am I living this state of being, so I truly feel free and soVereign? And if not why is that if this is my true Nature to feel so ? 

freedom (n.)

Old English freodom “power of self-determination, state of free will; emancipation from slavery, deliverance;” see free (adj.) + -dom




Two words with two meanings combined into one. Like king-dom the domain of the king and wis-dom the domain of the wise?

free (adj.)

Old English freo “exempt from bondage; acting of one’s own will,” also “noble; joyful,” from Proto-Germanic *frija- “beloved; not in bondage” (source also of Old Frisian fri, Old Saxon vri, Old High German vri, German frei, Dutch vrij, Gothic freis “free”), from PIE *priy-a- “dear, beloved,” from root *pri- “to love” 

“Free” in the primary Germanic sense seems to have been “beloved, friend, to love”

For the older sense in Germanic, comparing the Gothic frijon “to love;” Old English freod “affection, friendship, peace,” friga “love,” friðu “peace;” Old Norse friðr “peace, personal security; love, friendship,” German Friede “peace;” Old English freo “wife;” Old Norse Frigg “wife of Odin,” literally “beloved” or “loving;” Middle Low German vrien “to take to wife,” Dutch vrijen, German freien “to woo.”

So to be free has to do with the Will and is intimately linked to Love and feeling at Peace. When we are in the feeling based state of feeling beloved (which is an internal state not caused by other which would be: loved-by-someone, Be-loved is a self attained, innate state that many children still carry so innocently for them selves when they are young.  They choose healthy, loving actions for themselves such as picking flowers, smelling them and soaking up the Love that wells up from within resulting in feeling good, be-loved.) I have explored for many years now what shut down this innate knowing as I learned I wasn’t feeling free, beloved (by myself) or sovereign.


doom (n.)

active as a suffix in Old English (as in freodom, wisdom, kingdom). 

Old English dom “law, judgment” from Proto-Germanic *domaz , Old Saxon and Old Frisian dom, Old Norse domr, Old High German tuom, Gothic doms “judgment, decree”), from PIE root *dhe- “to set, place, put, do”

“Let thy kingdom come” -refers to the spiritual reign of “God”

reign (n.)

early 13c., “kingdom,” from Old French reigne “kingdom, land, country” (Modern French règne), from Latin regnum “kingship, dominion, rule, realm,” related to regere “to rule, to direct, keep straight, guide”

domain (n.)

early 15c., in Scottish, from Middle French domaine “domain, estate,” from Old French demaine “lord’s estate,” from Latin dominium “property, dominion,” from dominus “lord, master, owner,” from domus “house” (from PIE root *dem- “house, household”).

Free-dom; the Estate of the Beloved. Freedom as a state of being is to be in-love, beloved, to feel love freely….as Life, uninhibited, free of fear or perceived domination by “other”; being at peace meaning; not being pre-occupied in the thoughts with “other”. 

Remembering what human nature is from within has allowed me to question not just the why I wasn’t feeling free, it has profoundly allowed me to come into awareness that this syntropic strategy, our blueprint, is working on becoming this again because as in all of Life each species in the ecosystem has a function but moreso a unique talent, a unique gift to deliver on. I have found that our unique human talents are held from within our souls purpose as it has a purpose and “mission” to accomplish. Due to remembering this “Human Life blue print” I have come to learn that our entire human body, all our thoughts and faculties of feelings are continuously working towards resolving our unresolved emotional imprints as these sit (as unresolved) in the way of our spirit or soul reaching what it came here to do, to express and to experience for its own growth in its own succession as a spirit in spirit form. 

Through the school of syntropy I feel to share further on the ways our nature is everyday assisting us to free and liberate our cells from stored trauma, that this is part of the syntropic strategy of Life operating through our cells. Remembering this at an immense depth within myself and having done ” the work ” that was offered to resolve my unresolved, I have found some revelationary elements (as in emotional and neurochemical processes ) through which my Nature, my innate Freedom and Sovereignty has been working to reclaim “me” and all the dismembered aspects of my being. 

Through this I unveiled that humanity has been severely hijacked to operate in an entropic, fear and lack based state of thinking, all to serve just the ruling “elite” ( a term that isn’t appropriate at all as they are anything but elite). I have discovered “how” and with what means humanity has been cultured into the current state of its entropic orientations. Naming these processes and thus coming into full awareness of its effects in my own self has been so liberating once I came into the feeling based acceptance of all the failures I was exposed to and imprinted with. 

Through the study of syntropy I have remembered that the syntropic strategy of this Life within all humans is one of Love but that it takes Will to come back into the swing seat of our own lives to truly return to freedom, peace and Sovereignty. How this navigation functions is what I want to share with you on. 

I hope this has been inspiring and stirring curiosity to read. Soon I am to announce this school of syntropy ( which is really a place of remembering from within each individual ) and I hope that you want to engage with these sharings  so we can support eachother in reclaiming a human Culture of Love. 

In love and relation to Life,


Souvereign Freedom. 

Freedom doesn’t need a sound it is itself, complete in and of itself, self Sovereign.

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