A Syntropic Language Healing Exercise

This is a word replacement experiment through the Humanity Healing story-writing exercise.

For those joining the Live session, we are going to delve into the personal revealings of recalibrating the English language that we use to write an invocation, prayer, instruction, and or wish for Humanity.

This exercise has to do with unlocking our power to channel or commune with our Soul essence and bring through the in-spirit-ations for healing.

Writing Excercise start:

I want you to think about where humanity is at. Where you feel it has lost itself in the matrix and programming or how it simply is navigating on misinformation. I want you to articulate what is lacking in the world. What is amiss in the world of man, what has been distorted and what in all realness needs healing.

I want you to think about what you would share with your western human family as a prayer, as an invocation, a proclamation of what humanity needs to do to break loose from the shackles of beliefs filled with obligation, projection, deflection, denial, separatism, and ignorance.

I want you to think about what you want to teach them or simply share from your heart to theirs, and I want you to put yourself in a place where you really feel people need to hear this prayer, this wish you have for each individual that may receive and read your wisdom transmission.

With everything that has gone so entropic over the past years, but really over so so so many decades and truly centuries, I want you to feel through it all and delve into your inner wisdom, your inner voice of what you want to see addressed and changed in peoples lives.

Be sure to make it about humans with real human hearts and their conscious awareness. We are not addressing corporate fictions because they don’t have a soul or conscience.

Feel into the past and feel into the future.

What are your cells telling you is important for humanity to start doing now?

Before you start writing, I want you to close your eyes and really feel into your inner world. During the workshop, we will navigate the internal landscape and bring ourselves into the sacred space of our Heart.

To center yourself for this writing exercise you can use the following 8-min Moving into the Heart Well Meditation that I use with my clients and now uploaded for you to navigate with for this exercise.

It will be public for only 48 hours so you can use it over the weekend.


Please take that meditation now.

Once you come out of the meditation I want you to write down in poetic or instruction form what you feel humanity really needs right now, what it really benefits looking at and what it really benefits addressing.

Allow spirit to guide you.

You can start writing now.

When you feel complete, I want you to either post this invocation and prayer publicly on social media or email it to me personally.

It really benefits being sent out in the real world and shared for this syntropic writing exercise to fully have its effect.

For those joining me Live there are more Willingness practices that we are going to explore.

We are going to learn how we can use our Will to dissolve visualization barriers and unlock locked-up or inaccessible information and inner-wisdom from within our internal landscape. These Will-training exercises are powerful tools for transformation and help greatly in becoming a Master Navigator of your own Internal Landscape!

If you sign up for the workshop you get to get the full replay of course:

In Syntropy,


Ps: it is not too late to join and or get the replay sent to you. You can do so here still: https://sendfox.com/lp/1glkw0

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