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Current Course Offerings

Course in Syntropy (Miracles) Masterclass
Exploring Syntropy in Human Ecology

(4-day Email Correspondence Journey)

🌿 💖 ✨ 🙌 👪 🌳
Relating to life again in Syntropy,
Where everything performs a function with purpose,
And navigating with Life,
if we are willing,
Returns us to our natural Human Nature.

Our Human Nature is love-filled and ridden with purpose,
For such is the Syntropic Nature of Life.

As Gardeners, we may find again,
sanity, solace, and soul
in Syntropy!

🌱You will receive a journey into:

  • Syntropic Language/ Syntax Research
  • introductions to Syntropic Agroforestry,
  • Human Ecology & The Archetypal Nature of Consciousness.
  • Seeing the FUTURE with you in it with more clarity!

    On this 1st Journey:
  • You can ask any questions via email 🕊️💌 (I’m all Yours!)
  • You’ll get Access to the Masterclass Interview
  • Your cells will be infused in what is innately alive as Wisdom in You!

Yes! The time is now🕊️

– Navigate BEYOND the programs of the (old) world.
– Experience a NEW FUTURE being possible.
– View LIFE through the Lens of SYNTROPY

and let MIRACLES become the norm!

What other Syntropy Navigators say:🕊️

Are Your Cells a Whole Yes?!

Take the 4-day Masterclass in
Syntropic Agroforestry (only $35,-)

(4-day Email Correspondence Journey)

When you study Syntropy you come home to relationship, home to connection, home to comprehension and awe.

You return to feeling empowered, inspired, knowledgeable and enabled to navigate WITH Lifes’ innate intelligence, not against it.
You remember how to navigate not from fear as taught in the artificial scarcity and need-for- domination and control mentalities OVER Life, but from Love which is wired for abundance and collective prosperity through collaboration WITH Life.

The 4- Day Master Class is made possible by:

Starting new with Syntropic Agroforestry?

Let’s have Nature be your teacher.

Syntropic Agroforestry is the “missing link” between the practice and principles of Conservation, Reforestation, and food production.

👉🌿 It is an ecologically-embodied form of food forestry developed by Ernst Gotsch and other agro-foresters in Brazil through the systemisation of indigenous Amazonian forest stewardship.

👉🌿It is Science-based, evidence based, research-based, and operates at the forefront of formulating new concepts for large-scale economically viable Syntropic Agroforest farms.

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