Self Healing Support: Syntropic Self Healing Journeys

Re-enable Your Nature
Awaken Your Inner Healer

Resolving unresolved trauma is like finally opening the doorway to your full sovereign power to Love and feel Loved.


Syntropic Self Healing Journeys

What makes Syntropic Self Healing unique is that the study of Syntropy helps you in the process of  “dreaming awake” your own “internal landscape navigator”.

Once Soul-Cell-Self-Communion and the Will have been recultivated, anyone can bring about healing, and transformation through our natural human “Inner Remedy Process.”

The Journey of Re-membering all of You.

Re-membering is the active process of finding the aspects of self, retrieving their name, and communing internally with the essence of its reason for splitting off.

I guide you on the Syntropic Journey towards this process by sharing with you the innerstanding of our human Nature and the Syntropy that our cells operate on.

Together we retrieve, resolve and restore the you that got dis-membered.

The Power of this Inner Work

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Transform the Past into Freedom

Invest in an 8-week Life-transforming Inner Journey in Syntropy with me.

Our mission is to unlock your inner access to

– fully FEEL LOVE flowing again in the places where it was blocked.
– feel fully FREE again TO BE LOVE in the areas where you feel blocked.
– fully HEAL any stories, projections, or difficulties.

Through this Journey you get to reshape and transform the painful (untold) stories of your life so you can express even MORE of YOUR LOVE into your world and your Life-creations.

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Starting your Journey with me

The last two weeks have been…well…beyond words really. The depth of confidence and trust in your masterful navigation gave me constant feelings of reassurance and safety…so good. Tears constantly flow in gratitude for Love and Nature bringing you into my life. It is a priceless treasure never to be taken for granted. The sweet metamorphosis from fragments to wholeness has seen many gifts arise. ”

– Kimberley, USA

The Three Fields of Self Healing

Love is the way Home. Will is the way there and Home is your Nature
and all of Nature is based on Syntropy.

– Sophia


Remembering Nature, Human Nature, Life and how it functions through Syntropy.

Self Sovereignty

By remembering Human Nature you remember the School of Sovereignty, that freedom and peace and liberty are the normality experience of a human being on earth, and returning to that state is an amazing journey and feat in itself but also only natural as it is what we all come here to be ultimately and originally.

Self Love

Self Love and the school thereof is what allows sovereignty to become a real reembodied experience as no one can return to freedom and peace without love for Self and deep love for all the shadow aspects of self (all the traumatized parts and dismembered aspects within the psychological landscape called the mind).

Restoring Innate Wisdom through your Will

In our Journey together this innate Wisdom becomes reborn, restored and your navigation based on Nature becomes re-enabled.

The key teaching and outcome of the Journey in Syntropy is the restoration of your individual intimate, innate connection to Sophia (Deep Love and Wisdom)

Your love for Life and your own cells will experience an unimaginable upgrade where the previously impossible becomes natural.

Your Syntropic Journey:

is available in 2 OR 4-month support packages.

  • min. 2 private guided Journey sessions per month
  • Access to 25+ Syntropic Videos Support Library
  • 8+ Self-led Journeys with Journaling exercises
  • Audio recordings of all calls
  • Additional Tailored exercises and navigation tools
  • Email correspondence between sessions
  • Optional WhatsApp correspondence


The support & coaching program is an investment in the
lower 4-figures. Details are discussed in the
discovery call

Want to learn more? Ready for the next step?

Start your Healing Journey.

Remembering Syntropy and the various virtues that this strategy is woven with is paramount to making any deep sense out of Sovereignty or any of the Self Love Schools of thought. 

– Sophia

Rooted, Nature-Based Wisdom of Sophia

Because the work is rooted in the physiological (and spirited) Life-principles of the Syntropic Nature of Life, this work is grounded and is not “spiritualized” or made sacred through the adding of spiritual concepts.

The practice offers anyone direct access without there being some form of prerequisite to being spiritually equipped, advanced, or experienced in the language of spiritual wisdom.

Instead, you are offered easy to relate with comprehensions that are based on our human innate knowledge of our own Nature and how our cells operate on life-strategies that are all serving us with purpose.

Syntropy (the Foundation)

Sovereignty requires Syntropic Thinking as to remember how life functions is to remember your nature, which allows you to see how you are not living that by lingering in the past or safe guarding your future.

Self Sovereignty (the Will)

Self Love needs Will though, which is held in the School of Sovereignty.

Self Love and the luster of it is only watery and wavy by itself. For reenabling of one’s Nature, Love is not enough. You have to Will it.

Self Love (the Healing)

The trauma-induced onto humanity is way to severe for “just Love” to come and wash away the pain, you have to be willing to go to the pain, open the pain, crack the wall, and will access to the memories in order to truly be able to let love flow through that space within your being again.

It is time to break the chains of trauma,
of fear, and of not feeling free

This will be the most profound investment into your freedom and your Freedom to Love and Feel Love again.

This is an invitation to go on a deep journey within yourself that results in you living from a place where you radiate again and you replace the struggle and challenges for thriving and finally receiving.

  • This Journey is not:
  • A quick-fix solution
  • One-off “workshop”
  • Sit and listen only training
  • inspirational spare time activity
  • It is:
  • A deep Homecoming Journey
  • Healing on the cellular level
  • Exactly what is called for: Love

Do your Cells feel Ready for the next step?

Re-embody the Love you are

Most people still struggle with the world of man because they haven’t yet addressed the inner foundation upon which their freedom and sovereignty truly rests.


Healing wounds with the World of Man

NOT restoring your full emotional freedom is enormously expensive and painful on many levels:

  • Not feeling fully alive and free
  • Still feeling regrets, blame, shame and or guilt
  • Not feeling safe enough to fully be Love again
  • Repeating the patterns that have not worked in the past
  • Attracting the same relationships and or circumstances that have been painful or disruptive

The world you were born into was not perfect. 
Far from it!

Your Birth, your “upbringing”, your (too) many “school” years.

You were born from the Womb of Creation into the World of Man.

In this unnatural matrix-world you experienced the harsh impact of the absence of presence of Love, kindness, and safety.

Our Formative Years & Primary Imprinting

Being born and raised in the world of man has for everyone led to many imprints that have stained how we each relate to the world of work, money, government, technology, so called “progress” and so much more.

I has left you with the still “having to” feelings of obligation, the need to “know it better by now”, the “do it better”

and yet, all the while,

this world has been and is an UNNATURAL man-created world based on beliefs that are NOT of NATURE, not of Love, or of Joy or Togetherness.

If you are still feeling emotionally suppressed, stained or you know of areas in which you feel incompetent or wrongly obligated to perform in a certain way to avoid feeling “not good enough”…

It is time that we talk.

Step into Healing all of You

If there is one single thing you can do to reclaim your own freedom it is healing yourself from the harmful impact that the World of Man has had on you and your cells.


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