Metaphors and Magic.

For the upcoming Language Study Club subject we are going to be covering Metaphors and Magic. We are using the Syntropic Lens to bring contrast to many unexamined assumptions that enable us to see through cultprogramming and how it confounds us in our language and perception of reality, or as we put it in syntropic syntax, how we relate to Life in the Living.

From the 1st Awakening Sovereignty Foundations workshop: (still available here)

English is dead noun-based language that no longer is based on verbing (speaking to the what something is doing, being or performing as a function)

When compared to Ancient Indigenous (non-christo/arabic tongues) there is an insight we can clean that Nature Connected Language based on living process and ways of navigating in motion gives us access to a more self/cells connected experience of what we are feeling, sensing, navigating or exploring.

We do all of this through our use of the language we were taught. Yes, that infamous word “spelling”, I know, “they” were spellcasting on us right? Well, no. Only the true initiates can spellcast because they are conscious of the language that they cast or seed in the minds of others. But “let’s” (contract) leave that for a little later in the magic part.

First of all, we may ask what is Language? (and this is where you may want to go and get familiar with Etymology Online as part of your Language Study. Words with a * may be word looking into.)

In our first Session (Week 1) Elin pointed out that Words are Sounds, sounds are vibrations and vibration creates. Not perse because of God who hovered over the waters as the “Word” during the beginning of “his” creation.

FYI We are leaving religion out of the equation partially because Ancient Indigenous Lifeways (ontologies and epistemologies) are otherwise (again) precluded which always colors the lens through which we can access truth and true meaning.

Meaning Making

The language we speak is used to articulate what we mean. Humans not only love creating meaning (a common trait of the overuse and misuse of our intelligence) moreover humans of the western mind like to make sense out of what someone’s language conyance means. Making sense though comes from sensing which implies feeling.

The Awakening Sovereignty Study Club is (hopefully) going to restore your ability to innately Feel Language and the inherent or non-existent truth of what is spoken. This we accomplish by using the “lens” of syntropy that only deals with the Natural Order, the living metric existing in and all around us.

Our process is a simple one (and albeit not easy per see): we are willing our cells to Remember how to feel through the spellcasting of images that we ourselves and everyone around us often uses (super) unconsciously.

The Club is about reactivating our innate abilities to measure language based on innate internal and inner knowing through our feelings.

This opens up our ability to see the images and feel if they are able to exist in the full reality of our experience. If they, however, don’t actually exist we recognize that they are and what most articulations of human western language is: human-created fantasies that have no basis in reality.

Yes, if you want to partake in the upcoming club sessions 2 more spaces are still open. Go here. For the ‘cheaper’ self-study option see my last email.

Assignment for Club members:

  • What are Meta-phors*? What are they used for in our language?
  • What do you feel are the main differences between Metaphors and Allegories and or Parables?
  • We all know to some extent what metaphors are, but why do people speak in metaphors, or allegories, or parables?
  • What is it that you unconsciously do when you hear other people use metaphors?
  • What are we asking of other people to do (unspokenly) when we ourselves speak in metaphors?
  • How is this (in the sound of it) tied to the knowing that language governs our consciousness?
  • Moreover, how are metaphors connected (or actually not connected) to our human nature which is that we are feeling-based creatures?

Final Question on Metaphors:

What are the two most used words when people talk with each other to express their ideas and or feelings? (pay attention to any podcast, conversation or video, and no, the word uuuhm is a sound but not a word 😉

Watch something short, sweet and questionable:

Now, there are a ton load of assumptions, incorrect “facts” and borrowing statements included in this short video. (I can send you the 25-min debunk version of those non-facts another time, they deviate too much from our study topic of language!) what is important is how this video ties to the Ancient Indigenous world (the world of Syntropy) through colors.

So pay attention to those and keep an open mind while enjoying some fast passing by concepts. (and no, Ancient people were not colorblind!! Our modern-day lens just lacks the missing link of Syntropy to make proper sense of these seemingly thrilling fantasies)

How do you ex-press your cells?

We use language to create with our minds when we ex-press the thoughts that are occurring for us or the feelings we experience. These are all “image bound” forms of ex-pressing (pressing out of our cells) what we feel. We then “describe” these feelings and we use those “2 words” the most or (if not) in every sentence(!) when we share how we feel. Are we then feeling though????? or de-scribing* our feelings?

Other words that are most often used are more unconscious filler sounds stemming from fear based programming. (this we can cover in session 4: Unconscious Contracts. the 5 Primary Imprints & our Fear hidden in Language. Session 3 is dedicated to the Cathars, Essenses, the Magdalen Line & Lifeways, and the Pistis Sophia of the Gnostics (of olden days))

Magic Roots & Hollywood

Modern-day spell- or dreamcasting as done through media, films aka Hollywood are all seen as “entertainment”, but if you know where Hollywood turned entropic and expand your “horizon” a little you can learn a lot about the origins of Magic used to pervert the minds of the masses, slowly over time.

They came from Berlin in 1933 and yes, this may be a sensitive topic around so called “Jews”. Syntropy, however, helps us see Human Nature and helps us translate names of peoples to simply peoples or mammals.. Some with high levels of wetiko some not so much…the ones aforementioned had a lot and yes, they moved into Hollywood and have since then slowed down their virus expression and yet it has been there all along. The gravest expressions recently (again) uncovered through the “Disney Scandal”. We won’t go there neither as it is all entropy and bait for our own triggers if we are not mindful navigators.

Our focus is fortunately clear: the Study of Language and where it limits our freedom.

Second Assignment:

What was Media? Where was Media?

What is the root of magic*?

Who were the wise men following a star?

Where were they from?

(again) What was Media? Where?

What does this have to do with the Kazarian Maffia? and Hollywood? and 1933?

What is a “magic wand” made from? And originally?


Back to Hollywood and the now:

What about Grammar*?

What do We today call audio/ visual broad-casting?

What is media plural to? And what is that in the “magical” sense?

Okay, the rest and all the answers are going to be revealed in the upcoming Session.

See you at the same time, same zoom room.

In syntropy


Revisiting from Week 1:



Click here to watch the video

When we find the language for our experience of reality we get to create more powerfully. #deducation, #cultprogramming & the #entropic #patriarchal #civilisation we all grew up in gave us:

– limiting belief systems

– untruths, lies and programs for behavior

– false stories about life, love, and thriving

– distortions to help keep us all in a box of self-limitations.


What is KEY is the Language we use to create with BUT FIRST we have to see through the distortions, illusions and spellcasting that is enshrined in the language we ourselves speak.

Be part of the interactive Learning through a 3-Month Journey with Souvereign.

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