Healing The 5 Primary Imprints

The question is how do you do the work on your hidden internally unresolved with Men, with the world of Man, the patriarchy, the matrix, the artificial world of time and money? Equally how do we heal our psycho emotional woundings with the world of Woman?

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So what about healing our cells?

The question is do you feel Willing to be really real with that and explore them or do you want to keep doing it how you have been?

It is so relevant for all humans to remember how our internal landscape of the psyche, feelings and emotions is always with purpose performing a function to assist the Self to heal aspects of the past so we can re-member and re-integrate that fragmented aspect of self back into the present self that is you as a grown up human being, full of Love for Life.

Through this awareness that your body is reacting emotionally for and in support of you, we can feel assured that any and all not nice feeling feelings are only ever emerging so to call on you to meet them, to feel them, to question what that feeling and that part of you is actually really trying to ex-press.

When we learn to stop judging, blaming, avoiding or coping with these real feelings that are really felt and instead return to a gentle self enquiry within as to what is being felt and what is being communicated through these feelings, then we can swiftly come into awareness what memory is associated with this feeling, which most times is actually tied to trauma.

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Illuminating the Primary 5 Imprints
opening the roadmap to self healing

There are only 5 Primary imprinting traumas that almost all humans in the western cult are imparted with and so it is actually quite “easy” to discover which trauma is really being triggered in the reflection of his or her behavior in you.

1- Premature Separation from Love

Almost all of us have been Prematurely Separated from Love, from the wombspace, from our placenta or from our Mother and so Deep Love being reflected can trigger profoundly this deep sealed and stored away trauma of our infancy. Fear of ending relationships or “ending love” are all messages from our body that can take us to this place inside of us.

Birth trauma is relatively easy to trace as it has everything to do with the World of Man, the external authority that without our consent separated us from our Life cord to Love.

This can reflect itself in becoming upset with men, money, work, this fantasy of ‘having to’, while we have free Will. It was our Free Will that got violated so early on in our life and most of us carry deep trauma around the injustice, the not understanding “why” this was done, as we were pure, innocent, love and full of love for Life around us.

We came from and through love so when “someone” disconnects us from that we can find ourselves upset with the system, the matrix, with the patriarchy, with the injustice that this World of Man keeps perpetuating; violating Love, violating Life.

The External world will reflect this to us in all its entropic expressions where “men” go in against our nature, our environment, glorifying time and money and financial growth.

The Government, the so called police, the headmaster, the manager, the banking elite, the pedophelic priests, the rapist, america and its war strikes, the illuminati, the muslims, the zionist jews, the drunkard, the junky, the rebel, the doctor, the politician, the political decision making, the corrupt corporate world, witnessing the poverty, we innately know that all of this is wrong and not natural but now read the above again and make every “the” into “my” as any of these “labels” with associated judgment live inside of our neurochemistry and are existing there to perform a function full of purpose: to indicate the unresolved with external authority violating and raping you, trespassing against you, breaking your free will, corrupting your original innocence.

2 – The Primary Abandonment

Almost all of us have experienced a Primary Abandonment which continues to lead to the fear of being left or abandoned again. From this we also fear, in-vertedly, breaking up with others because we know deeply of the pain what it feels like to be rejected, to be abandoned.

Trauma can thus keep you “locked” in dysfunctional relationships because you don’t want to do to him what happened to you. Love however can’t heal or bridge anything externally because it is not outside where something can actually be addressed.

The emotional reaction comes from within. Projecting outward is what is called coping or spiritually by-passing the actual primary imprint that the fear or judgement is speaking of.

3 -The Primary Rejection

Almost all of us have experienced the Primary Rejection where what we felt we wanted wasn’t honored, respected or checked in with. This equal Will Trauma and causes inhibition around the freedom to speak our truth because it wasn’t save to express our Will (what we wanted).

We will thus keep fighting for our (natural) rights, we will work hard to belong, to proof ourselves that what we want is right, justifiable, explainable, we strive to have connections and maintain them in all sorts of ways that stem from fear of losing them.

4 – The Primary Shaming

Almost all of us have experienced a Primary Shaming which continues us to seek approval for who we are, what we do. Seeking acknowledgement in the external world with him or her while we can only ever give this to ourselves by finding where our patterned behavior of pleasing, teasing, and or wooing comes from.

By asking “is what i am doing here actually feeling natural?” we can open an enormous field of awareness for ourselves which then can lead to “do i want to keep doing it like this?” Naturally awareness brings about choice, but the will is required to gain access to the root cause of still wanting to make him or her accept us for who we are.

5 – The Absence of Presence

Almost all of us have experienced the Absence or Unnatural Withholding of the Flow of Love that we innately anticipated as children.

We were intrinsically wired to receive love from the grownups around us when we longed for it but it did not show up. We also didn’t know how to ask for it as it should have just been there.

These wounds lead to a lot of confusion within knowing ourselves, our self worth. These wounds are often entirely hidden in our psyche as there was simply an absence of action, an absence of nurture, cell contact, reassurance, praising, encouraging.

She’s, for instance, can discover these wounds within by observing how they still long for deep love from Him, with Him, by Him, but love alone cannot wash away the trauma of the past, the yearning however is tied to felt based absence of Love not given by their Primary He when they were young. Simularly for He’s the opposite Primary sex applies, but most often it is the presence of the Primary He that leaves a lingering unknowingness of looking for something that we ourselves were not naturally informed of and therefor don’t know how to look for it or express it.

Death: A False Cultural Incompetence Program

Additionally: we have all been programmed to Fear Death by not having been raised that “death” as a concept is actually an intrinsic part of Life, of the greater web of Life. Without death Life wouldn’t be able to grow, change, expand and give rise to the next succession of Life.

In our own life we thus can find this programmed fear show up around ending relationships, changing the status quo, change occurring for us by external means, we thus can fear change and become resistant of it, clinging on to what we have now, afraid of loosing what we have because death has thus far meant just death, ending, no more, finished.

Life however only works because cyclical change means growth. This “fear of death program” once illuminated within your own internal landscape may shine light on what you hold on to as believe systems that actually fear Life, which is constant change, which means that in the depth of that we fear Love.

Imagined/ Projected Fear Narratives

Additionally: There runs in every humans life a false story of Fear. Whether the boogieman or the crocodile under the bed or the shadow man. The formative years of any child is filled with all sorts of thrilling elements that are instilling fear through the process of feeling that a fantasy may be real.

The Prospect of Healing the 5 Primary Imprints

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